Safari Tours Overview

Colombo Safaris

Colonial Colombo, Sri Lanka’s Capital city! We stopped at nothing in our early days of research in putting the Colombo Safari together. The Colombo Safari aims to showcase this amazing historic bustling city, capture the smiles of the locals all while crusing in your retro fitted Tuk Tuk. We explore timeless destinations and visit  ever changing seasonal hot spots and of course, we get you right off the beaten track. Expect to see people, true local foods, traffic, a thousand smiles all with in your 3.5-4 hour time with us!

This is a fully inclusive, all expenses paid trip! We will fill you with Sri Lankan food, provide drinks and we’ll even throw in a couple of local beers and show you all of what we think is the best and most authentic rustic stops that Colombo has to offer.

  • Colombo Morning Safari – 9:30 am to approx 1:00 pm
    Make a full day of it by getting an early start! Watch and enjoy as majestic Colombo opens up to and the teaming streets burst with busy markets trading textiles, spices, crafts and local food. See all the action Colombo has to offer as the locals begin their working days with beaming smiles, traffic, and blissful organized chaos !
  • Colombo Sunset Safari – 3:30 pm to approx 7:00 pm
    Come and join us to feel the hustle and bustle of an afternoon in old Colombo town as it rolls into sunset. Cruise the city streets while watching the sun lower over the Indian ocean and enjoy the chaos as the 9 to 5 workday winds down and the city lights come alive for yet another evening of buzzing activity.
  • Cruise Ship Safari – 9:30 am  Galle Face Hotel, ocean side entrance
    Nearly all cruise-ships are here for a day or less and in your short time and we can show a huge slice of our authentic rustic real island in this tiny window. Come meet us with in your short time REST ASSURED we will have you back in time FOR CRUISE SHIP DEPARTURE. We do it all the time, so come and safari with us !


South Coast Safari (starting near Galle)

The South Coast Safari showcases the endless beaches, untouched coastline and countless palm trees unique to this region of Sri Lanka. “The South Coast” way of life, is a total must see and do when spending time in our tropical paradise. Come with us, “the local’s way” to experience the best authentic, rustic, and seasonal hot spots. Travel with us like a local, eat and drink with us like a local and feel like a……LOCAL ! Let us show you the unforgettable Sri Lankan South Coast. It is truly a special part of the world and we know it like the back of our hand.

This is a fully inclusive, all expenses paid trip! We will fill you with Sri Lankan food, provide drinks and we’ll even throw in a couple of local beers and show you all of what we think is the best and most authentic rustic stops that Colombo has to offer.

  • South Coast: 9:30am Morning Beach Safari
    Start your day by getting coastal with us! The morning time, is typically when things are cooler and the ocean winds are calm.  We will be taking you to find some hidden coastal gems, cultural and secrete local places, south coast food and drinks stops! What better way to start the day than to be cruising in your convertible tuk tuk down the southern coastal roads of Sri Lanka with palm trees one side and beautiful beaches on the other.
  • South Coast: 3:30pm Sunset Beach Safari
    Watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean in the southern provinces of Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque experiences to have on the island. End you day on the south coast with a blast!  We pick you up in afternoon, cruising about to totally unique beachside locations, enjoying local food, drinks and cultural treasures and finish things up at one of our amazing coastal sunset locations!


Kandy Safaris & Nuwara Eliya Safaris

Coming soon! However, if you’re interested, give us a shout via WhatsApp or email!



All Safaris at 49 USD per person (besides custom bookings), kids under 6 are free and up to 12 years old are half price. You can pay cash or via our credit card app system called Tab.
We are happy to take either US dollars or the current daily equivalent in Sri Lankan Rupees (Rps).


Create Your Own Itinerary

While we know the hottest places and sites in town, we understand that some adventurists have their hearts set on a particular tour. We are really flexible and can tailor an itinerary to suit you, so please discuss your preferences for sights and duration with our friendly staff.
WhatsApp or email us if you would like to arrange something special!


What to Bring

There are a couple of things we recommend you bring for your safari tour. Make sure you pack:

  • Camera to capture all of the sights
  • MP3 player (android or iOS) to crank your beats all day
  • Some extra cash if you want to purchase souvenirs
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen (make sure you are protected with the open roof tuk tuks)
  • BYO drinks if you want to!!!


Come stay with us!

We have been having guests coming to stay with us. We have a double room with a private bathroom – and another with 4 bunks and a private bathroom also! We can arrange a trip to the market, amazing local home cooked breakfast meals etc. and see how the team runs from home! We have a little rooftop also and we can cater meals that can be fun! WhatsApp or email us if you would like more infos.


Have Any Questions?

We are here to answer any questions you may have that are not covered on this overview page. Please get in touch with us via WhatsApp or email – whatever suits you best.