Fun Things To Do In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka - The Best Thing to Do in Colombo

Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka

A short compilation which illustrates what Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka is all about and why it is the best thing to do in Colombo!

Why is Tuk Tuk Safari the Best Thing to Do in Colombo?

Our City Safari’s are fun, exciting and action packed! We show you a side of Colombo that no one else does and we take you exploring some truly unique street food places, which are local favourites. We have pimped out Tuk Tuk’s that make the journey an absolute pleasure. You can play your own music, charge your phones, drink chilled coconuts (and beers). Our drivers are professional, courteous and offer an exemplary level of service, which is unprecedented in the Colombo tourism scene.

Check out some of our reviews on Tripadvisor to see what the other punters have to say! Or book now to secure your Safari and see what all the hype is about!

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